It is the employer's responsibility to ensure workers safety and health conditions in all aspects of their work, as well as aware them about the importance of prevention of occupational accidents, both for the preservation of physical and mental integrity of the worker as well as to avoid material damage which comprise machinery, equipment and facilities.

According to Law No. 102/2009, of 10 September, the employer must organize health and safety services at work according to the modalities:

  • External Service
  • Internal Service
  • Common Service

GO Engenharias Lda, as an authorized entity by the ACT - Authority for Working Conditions, provides the External Services, developing a number of actions in this area, always with the aim of improving working conditions for our customers.

Among the many services provided, we highlight:

  • Initial analysis to safety conditions;
  • Identifying workstation risks;
  • Risk assessments;
  • Written Program for Occupational Risk Prevention;
  • Preparation of safety data sheets;
  • Analysis, statistics and reports on Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases;
  • Security Plan;
  • Simulacra organization;·        
  • Organization of means for collective and individual prevention;     
  • Inspections follow-up, Inspections and Auditing;
  • Consultation with workers on issues related to the Health and Safety at Work;
  • Annex D of the Annual Report of the Health and Safety Service Activity at Work fulfilment;
  • OHS Audits;
  • Assessment of the following parameters: Noise; Lighting; Thermal environment;
  • Chemical Contaminants, among others;
  • Machines and equipment legal compliance;   
  • Construction safety coordination;
  • Workers training / awareness actions.