Adult Education and Training courses comply with the training references listed in the National Qualifications Catalogue.

They are grouped by areas of training, according to the National Classification of areas of education and training and develop according to dual certification routes. That is Adult Education and Training courses that attribute school equivalency and professional certification.

Adult Education and Training courses aim to provide students the opportunity to acquire academic qualifications and/ or professional skills, aiming (re) integration or progression in the labor market.

They are organized as follows:

  • In a perspective of learning throughout life;
  • In training courses, set out from an initial diagnostic evaluation;
  • In training courses developed in coordination, integrating basic training and technological training or just one of these;
  • In developing training based on reflective processes and skills acquisition through a module entitled “Learning Autonomy” (basic level of education and level 2 training) or a “Reflective Portfolio Learning” (secondary level and level 3 training).


The Adult Education and Training courses are aimed for adults which:

  • Aged 18 years old or more;
  • Seek to complete the 9th or 12th grade;
  • Wish to obtain a level 2 or 3 professional qualification.