The modular training is composed by Short Duration Training Units (UFCD), based on the National Qualifications Catalogue. They are adapted in terms of length to different audiences and careers, depending on their acquired skills as well as the ones they are supposed to acquire.

This Certified Modular Training is designed to complement and enhance the candidate´s professional qualifications, filling in some knowledge and skills gaps during the course of their professional activity.


The modular training aims at adults aged 18 or older, primarily without a complete primary or secondary education.

Trainees under 18 can be integrated into modular training, as long as there’s an evidence of their active participation in the labor market or in the education centers.


The attendance of a Modular Training at a basic level is directed primarily to adults with levels of educational qualification below the 3rd cycle of basic education.

The attendance of Modular Training at a secondary level requires a minimum educational qualification of the 3rd cycle of basic education, but does not inhibit access to adults with higher qualifications.