The industrial licensing is mandatory. The installation, modification and expansion of industrial facilities are subject to licensing.

Regulated by Law-Decree No. 209/2008 of 29 October, approving the Industrial Activity Exercise Regime (REAI), an industrial license is intended to prevent the risks and disadvantages resulting from the operation of industrial plants, aiming to safeguard public health and workers, the safety of people and property, hygiene and safety at the workplace, the quality of the environment and territory proper planning, within a framework of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

GO Engenharias, Lda. analyzes whether the industrial plant complies with the laws and regulations applicable to the Law-Decree No. 209/2008 of 29 October to draw up a statement of the Industrial Licensing process. It is noteworthy that we also respond to the environmental issues necessary for the process, such as: Characterization of Gaseous Emissions; Environmental Noise; License Use of Water Resources; Waste Management; among others.